Removing Add Widgets from what's suppose to be an empty panel

I just installed a copy of AcroLinuxB which is their Arch distro with Plasma 6. I’ve installed some of my apps and finally got around to setting up my panels. I moved the one to the top and added the two other empty panels I use for my most used apps and Internet apps respectively. Both have an Add Widgets widget on them that I see no way to remove. In general I like the changes to Plasma with 6, but I honestly do not see why the Add Widgets widget needs to be on what is suppose to be an empty panel. How do I go about removing it? Thanks

Add your desired widget or app icon to it, and it goes away.

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Yea I figured that out. Much appreciated though.

To make it faster for you to add widgets to the panel, of course! Because why else would you create an empty panel, except to add widgets to it? Now, I think Plasma’s panels are quite pretty, but I don’t think they’re pretty enough for it to make sense to keep a completely blank one visible. :slight_smile:

Dude your humor is not strong, but you knew that. Top panel set up similar to Windows. Bottom panel most use apps. Rightside panel browsers, email, and messaging apps. All sewt to autohide.

What I was getting at is since Add Widgets is still in the right-click context menu it seems like a waste to have it on the dock even if it disappears once you add something to the dock.