Removing settings pages from setting?

Is it possible to disable or hide settings panels in the settings app that are not used? I have several items in there that are useless as I do not have the hardware and thus cannot be used, but they do take up space and making other sections I do use more ‘difficult’ to reach. Examples: touchscreen, game controller, drawing tablet, thunderbolt



Do you mean this view? – “Sidebar View” –

Or, this view? – “Icon View” –

No it’s not possible at this time, at some point we were discussing being able to hide items that are not applicable (like the touchscreen KCM on a system without one) but I don’t think it’s made much progress past discussion yet

Actually it is possible.

You can just use Kiosk.

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Is it possible to remove those arguments in the config file so that they don’t appear in the settings mgr?

Sure, but those would be modifying system files and that would be lost on upgrade. Nothing stopping you from doing that, though

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Thanks for the confirmation on that.

Sounds like I have a lot to learn so that certain changes wouldn’t have an effect on system files for a upgrade.

To modify or not to modify, lol!

i modify the .qml for the digital clock so i can split the time format to have the number on one line and the am/pm on the next line.

i immediately know when that .qml gets updated because my clock goes to tiny text… then i just repeat my hack with a cut and paste on the affected line.

i could make a permanent file in my ~ dir, but then updates that i might want to have will never be applied unless i manually make a new permanent file.

i rather like keeping my clock up to date, and just adding back my hack whenever i need to.

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Yes the list view.

This seems like a lot of work, but I’ll look into it, thanks.