Rendering difference in Sequence when by itself, inserted or rendered

I am having the issue that my sequence is rendered differently between when i am directly Editing.
Within the sequence i use a combination of Alpha Gradient and Chroma Key effects to connect multiple recording of the same room from the same perspective into a single viewpoint to allow a single Person to be on screen multiple times.
To avoid clutter of my main timeline, I’ve moved this out into a seperate sequence.
If i now either insert that sequence into my main movie or render that, only the top most layer of my layered composition is shown, not applying any of the alpha effects to show the underlaying layers.
Does anyone have an idea what could be causing this or how to fix it?

Since i can only add one image i’ve vcombined them into a combined image that shows both how it looks in the sequence, how it looks when insert that into another sequence and how it looks when rendered. (I’ve censored out the faces of the people)

I think this is a bug and needs reporting.