Rendering video with multiple, separate audio tracks with 2 languages

How do I render a video with 2 languages, and have a video player like VLC choose between 2 audio tracks (i.e. 1 track for Japanese and the other for English)?

I tried to render it, and it just merged the audio tracks.

The scenario is this: I’m trying to combine the show, which has Japanese dub, and add english dub and sub on that said video.

It’s somewhat similar to this:

And that is pretty much the issue! I can’t find a way to tell to Kdenlive to export the second audio stream, or anyway to split all audio streams, which is kinda a weird for a video editor. In fact I’m quite sure there is some option that I just dont see, so please help!

This feature is not yet available but IIRC part of the roadmap. Until then edit the video with two tracks as needed, render it with only one activated, then render just the audio and use ffmpeg to add the second track to the video.

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See these threads:

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