Repair / Refresh / Reinstall?

Any way to repair or refresh or reinstall a KDE Neon installation while leaving intact all configuration settings? Should there be?

iā€™m wondering if half the issues with neon right now have to do with those config files, so preserving them might not necessarily be desirable.

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Only if one has does manual partitioning to provide a separate one for /home for the existing install.

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Therefore, I can simply copy my /home folder to a USB drive, do a fresh install of KDE Neon, and put back my /home folder from the USB drive, and I should have a fresh KDE Neon install with all my programs and configurations just as they are now?

Even easier - you do need to already have a separate /home, and then use manual partitioning in the new install - just make sure NOT to format /home when setting things up, then install using the same username/password. No copying needed. Everything is there when you log in.

But having a backup is a GOOD idea.

If you just copy your /home to an external drive, you can do a normal automatic install, and then restore the contents just fine, and skip the manual partitioning.

But having a separate /home has the potential to save a LOT of time and effort.

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