Replace Kcalc with kalk in plasma 6

In kalk you can see yours operations in real time. You can even go back and edit them if you made a mistake. This are extremely useful accessibility features that are missing in default kcalc. Add to that Kalk has very nice animations all over the app which gives a pleasant user experience compare.

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Disagree. It lacks functions and it’s inferior to an already…“basic” kcalc. I’ve tried a couple and for a day to day, John Doe type of work, I actually found Uno calculator ( a windows calc clone, bottom right) one of the very best. If you want more, I’d say Qalculate.


Yes, Qalculate! is the right tool.

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does it do RPN?

if not then it’s no good to me.

Qalculate does about everything. If it had an engine it would probably drive me to Madrid tomorrow.
If Qalculate can’t do it, you won’t find it. Thing’s a beast.

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dare we speak the name Galculator? or is that not allowed in K space?


Of course, why not. But if you would be in need of some really serious calcing stuff, it’s qalculate.

Ps: that rpn mode you asked about is chapter 5.
I don’t even know who comes up with this stuff. Must be some geek with a name ending on stein in some basement. Thing even has configurable buttons.

To throw another good one in the mix - I usually use SpeedCrunch

Not sure I would like KCalc to be replaced with it though.

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I have to say Windows calculator is the best calculator I have seen i terms of usability. It does everything and the UI elements are really useful especially the pin to the top function which will put calculator in the top even though it is not in focus.

Kcalc not only looks outdated it feels really really clunky to use for calculating. Honestly a new replacement or just improving Kalk (the QML version) would be a better idea.

Pin to the foreground is a basic KDE Kwin feature since forever, you can either add the button to all alls decorations, or pin through the right click on the decoration bar.

I use speedcrunch but its not clickable. Its not a phone though so I dont get these calculators anyways.