Replacement for Bismuth?

Hi there, I used Gnome for many years, until I discovered Bismuth, which I really love in combination with KDE. Bismuth became the absolute killer feature for KDE.

Since KDE5.27 i guess Bismuth doesn’t work, the maintainer apparently no longer wants to develop Bismuth further and the new Tiling feature from KDE itself is not really a replacement.

Will there be a comparable replacement for Bismuth in the near future?

Have a look at polonium

Hm, not really a successor to Bismuth. It just ignores setting changes. No matter what I set up, it always opens the windows in the same way.

It’s a bit better than the KDE tiling, but has a long way to go to be in the same tier as Bismuth

Edit: Not sure if KDE6 and Wayland causes issues, but I tried it on such a setup

Seems to work with KDE5.27, but doesn’t work well on KDE6, at least as far as I can test it. Hope this will become better to become a real successor for Bismuth