Replying an e-mail in Kmail shows ">" signs

when I reply to an e-mail in Kmail I always get these ugly “>” signs at the start of each line.
I have been playing around with the settings, but no matter which one I select or de-select I get those symbols.
How to turn those off completely and forever?


In the KMail settings, choose the “Composer” page → then, the tab “Standard Templates” –

  • Bottom right hand corner: “Quote indicator” …

Documentation is here –

Please note that, within a reply to an e-Mail, the “> ” at the beginning of the lines quoting the original received text is a commonly accepted e-Mail convention.

Wikipedia explains the current situation reasonably well – <> – section “Quoted line prefix” …
IETF RFC 3676 section 4.5 “Quoting” is quite specific:

In Format=Flowed, the canonical quote indicator (or quote mark) is one or more close angle bracket (“>”) characters. Lines which start with the quote indicator are considered quoted. The number of “>” characters at the start of the line specifies the quote depth. Flowed lines which are also quoted may require special handling on display and when copied to new messages.

Thank you very much. In all those years that I have used Kontact (including Kmail) I have never seen the >-sign on that age. I always only looked at the Composer - General page where it says in a pop-up at:
Use smart quoting
To add the >-sign when replying. I would expect that when I did not tick that box I would not get it, but ticked or not, the >-sign appears.
Now finally it is gone.

Thank you so much for your help.