Requesting VPAT and HECVAT

Hi There,

We are looking to use kdenlive for our organization (college) but we need a VPAT and HECVAT or at least documentation that we attempted to contact a representative requesting these items.

Would it be possible for a representative to contact us via email so that we can discuss these two items?

I have no idea what VPAT and HECVAT are, and google produces different result. Please specify what those are and why you need them.

Please note that Kdenlive is free and open source software (FOSS). There is no vendor or organization behind it.

VPAT: VPAT - Information Technology Industry Council

HECVAT: Higher Education Community Vendor Assessment Toolkit | EDUCAUSE Library
Specifically the On-Premise form

We just need someone like a developer to state that there is a form available or not. It’s just academic red tape that I have to go through. Basically, I need to show proof that I contacted the people who run the software and if there is no response, we go through another process.

I am pretty sure such form does not exist. @frdbr or @Eugen_Mohr: do you know about this?

I need to show proof that I contacted the people who run the software

I mean you download the software, you run the software, so there are no other people who run the software …

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Hi, could you elaborate more on this? Which college, which course, etc…

Kdenlive is free software and you may download it and use it as is. Specifically in the US, as a community, we’ve participated as exhibitors in the Student Television Network and represented at the All American HighSchool Film Festival (or something like that).

If this reply does not suffice send an email to the mailing list and we can reply to you the same thing. We are a community and we don’t have a sales department or a representative in this sense like a corporation.:

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Hi frdbr,

Your response is perfect. I run a makerspace at a college, no courses yet, just in the planning development. Our IT department is a bit more rigid in their processes.

I’m probably going to humiliate myself throughout multiple open source forums asking these questions but it’s absolutely necessary to their processes. This is basically red tape that I have to go through that doesn’t feel right as I’ve had these things installed with no issues before. But I’d rather humiliate myself than ask my students to pay money for proprietary software.