Reset all Plasma settings at once and start tiling feature on command-line

Hi, all

Two questions, please.

Firstly, how can I reset all my Plasma settings so I can start over? I messed up my config and I want to start newly fresh. Is there some command line to do it? Or maybe a Reset button, like in System Settings, but to avoid clicking one item’s button at a time.

Second, how can I start the tiling feature from command-line (or Alt-F2) ? If there is no, please some guru say no, so I stop repeating the question. I’m sorry to bother again with this question. (I feel uncertain if there is not an answer or just no one knows ;D ).

If you just want to reset your Plasmashell settings, you can delete ~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc and ~/.config/plasmashellrc.

There is currently no GUI reset button; see 389568 – Feature to reset all settings to default values.

Which wiling feature are you taking about specifically? We have a few?

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Hi, @ngraham, thanks for responding to me!

In fact, when I mess with the appearance (theme in general, icons, colors, windows effects, windows behaviour, etc), I want to reset to original Plasma settings.

I know there is a button/option to reset shortcuts, for example, but I do not want to reset shortcuts when it is the appearance that I messed up. Since there are so many little things to tweak (so tempting!), it so easy to f**k it all.

I will definitely say that Appearance is the most dangerous space where I mess ;D

If you just want to reset your appearance settings, that’s easy: apply the Breeze global theme.

Resetting global behaviors is much harder since the settings are stored in a large number of random config files in ~/.config. It will be much easier to enable the “Highlight changed settings” feature in System Settings to see which pages have any changes in them, and then hit the “Defaults” button on each of those page.

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