Resizing across screens?

In GNOME & MATE I could resize a window between screens, ie I begin the resize on one screen, and move the mouse to the other screen. When I attempt the same maneuver in KDE, I get stopped at the edge of my 1st screen. Is there a way to enable resizing between screens?

right click on configure display settings and make sure your monitors are set up correctly.

i have no trouble dragging or resizing between monitors.

also click on the desktop, type “about”, and go to the systems settings page that comes up from the search result.

copy that info to the clipboard and post it here

Works for me too with a dual-screen setup. As @skyfishgoo alluded to, make sure there isn’t a gap between screens in the Display & Monitor page where screen setup can be done.

Huh, very weird. I rebooted for testing other issues, and it seems to have solved itself.