Resizing Photos using Dolphin Service Menu Options

So I’m resizing photos to send in emails or upload to the web, and I getting really annoyed off. The add on ‘Service Menu’ image resizing tools don’t work the way I want. They seem to all be hard coded for certain sizes, mostly because all the examples I can find are basically calling ImageMagick direct with a preset resizing parameter. That’s inflexible and not particularly useful.

I tried using Gwenview, an image viewer with pretensions of being a Photo Gallery with basic image editing like resizing and orientation etc, but if i want to resize multiple images at once, it offers no menu options, and it wants to either overwrite the existing image or save them to a temporary directory. Show Photo, which comes with DigiKam is similar.

So, after several frustrating attempts to get them to do what I want I said that’s it… and sat down and wrote a small Python app that has the flexibility that I require. It allows me to resize images to user selected Width and Height or to a user selected Percentage.

Here’s what the App looks like when loaded from the Dolphin ‘Service Menu’:


It’s pretty simple, but that’s all it has to be.

The GUI is created using Qt5. It uses Wand to access the ImageMagick API and it is compiled to a single stand alone using Nuitka.

All I have to do to use it is select one or more image files, and right mouse click to access the Dolphin ‘Service Menu’

Nice. Personally, I use Reimage.

Yeah, that’s one that I tried. I didn’t like it.

You a 3rd party app or a standalone KDE outside of Dolphin for all image manipulation. KolourPaint and Upscaler are what I use.

For processing my Photos I’ve been using DigiKam, Hugin, and Raw Therapee, I was using HDR Merge but I’m now happy with the results from DigiKam.

But to upload and or email them, I just want something simple, that does exactly ‘what is says on the tin’, I used to like the tool that was available on Cinnamon, as it did nothing more than what my app does… resize images. There was a separate tool for rotating images, and I will probably duplicate that too.

I’ve looked breifly at Upscaler, but have not had a use case for it…yet.