{Resoved] Disappearance of menu bars

Hello everyone

On this Christmas day, KDE did not give me.

After a loss of my language in the menus and under menus (resolved following a message on this forum), KDE makes me disappear the menu bar of my applications but not all. Concerned: Freecad, LibreOffice, Thunderbird, Organicmaps, Openshotvideo.

I do not know what to think ? Do you have a solution.
Thanks in advance

For most applications ctl+m or ctl+shft+m or ctl+alt+m will work, but I tried everything I knew and could not find a key combination for this in LibreOffice or Thunderbird.

In Thunderbird’s hamburger menu > view > toolbars > Menubar, but of course they didn’t think it was important enough to give the shortcut.

I have been using KDE since 3.0 and can’t walk someone through unhiding the menu bar. We can do better than this. Every app does their own thing and KDE can put pressure on the developers and tell them, “Everyone needs to use the same key combination. The menu option has to show the shortcut combination. This option shall not be nested. No exceptions.”

Hello and thank you

If in Firefox and Thunderbird, it is very easy to put the bar from Mlenu, it is beautiful difficult blow to find the option in certain applications.

But, Christmas miracle !!!, After restarting the PC, I find my menu bars for favorite applications.

The mysteries of computer science …

Good years

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