Restore KDE Spectacle notifications?

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Previously, after capturing a rectangular region, it shows a notification that its captured/saved and shows a notification with an ‘Annotate’ button. now it just opens a window with the capture always and I have to close the window each time after a quick capture. I have configured it to copy to my clipboard so I don’t really need the window popping up after each capture. How do I bring it back to show only notifications?

I started noticing this after a recent update. Spectacle version: 23.08.0

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Did “quit after manual save or copy” get turned off for you?

Nope it wasn’t

And that setting was not the issue. Earlier after taking a screenshot, I would just get a notification that it was taken, rather than have spectacle open up with the screenshot open.

This is my keybinding:

EDIT: I am not able to post a second screenshot with my settings since I am a new user, so here it is:

Regarding uploading the second image, I think Discourse limits to one image per post. So you can upload the second in a new post.

I tried that, but it didn’t allow me to put the second image in another reply