Return DPI resolution adjustments in font settings support

Hello everyone, in Plasma 6 they removed the resolution adjustment by changing the DPI of the fonts. I have a 13.3-inch laptop and adjusting the screen resolution settings creates a tent circus. Large icons, small font, everything is crooked. No matter how I set it up, the font size and then the screen resolution are useless, it looks disgusting. Only setting DPI 120 allows you to see the ideal size in all (or almost all) programs and the system itself. Support those who have similar things going on, adjust the DPI of the fonts to get it back

can you provide some screenshots?

There were screenshots here

It may seem that the type almost looks the same, but if you click one and another picture at once, for example, the main table, then it is very visible. The lower labels in the panel at screen resolution 120 cannot be adjusted at all; they are either too small or immediately large. At the same time, all fonts become very blurry (anti-aliasing is turned on), so that the eyes simply bleed.
Also, when adjusting fonts in programs and applications, they are also either too small or too large

Well, all look ok to me, but me is not you in any case :slight_smile:

Well, you know better), perhaps I’ll buy a new laptop with a 16-inch screen for the stable version of Plasma 6, but for now 5.27 behaves just fine).

I’m sure I don’t know better. It’s all subjective imho. Anyway…

I have a 14-inch 1920x1080 laptop,used to set “Force fonts DPI” to 144 and display scale 100%.
Now I have the same problem as you.

I understand, but the creators don’t want to understand that one is not equal to the other (DPI 120 is not equal to screen resolution 120). Therefore, I propose to vote on a large scale for the return of this opportunity. We are users after all, and without users any product dies)