Rotation angle problem in transform effect

I cannot enter a fractional angle such as 30.5 to rotate in the transform effect, so I cannot place the ruler at the angle I want.
How can I enter a fractional number as a rotation angle.
I tried to enter a number with the dot(.) and comma symbols, but it is not entered.

Try the Rotate (keyframable) or Rotate and Shear effect. Both take larger integers between -1000 and 1000, so 30.5 degrees should be doable but you have to do the math yourself. Please keep in mind that both effects use the affine filter under the hood, and blending issues may occur.

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Both effects have problems.
Rotate (keyframable) effect: no opacity, size and positions property.
Rotate and Shear effect: no opacity property.

I tried Compositions / Transform. I put the ruler at the angle I wanted.

I wish the rotation angle could be adjusted more precisely in the Effects / Transform effect.

You know that you can stack effects? SO, use Rotate (keyframable) and then a Transform for opacity, size and position. Or the other way around, but keep in mind that the sequence of effects in the effect stack for the clip does matter …

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