Safest way to revert to older nvidia driver?

Due to the GPU monitoring plugin for widgets being broken with Plasma 5.27.7 and Nvidia 525, I was wondering how to revert back to the older driver? I tried using the Ubuntu Driver Manager tool, but that failed miserably. I wonder if I need to revert back to an older kernel as well?

I am using the latest KDE plasma, framework, and the latest LTS kernel, 6.2.26. I really do not want to break my system, but I also really miss the monitoring ability. Nvidia-smi shows the correct values, but it seems other applications like Psensors are not quite right.

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from my notes on changing nvidia drivers when the GUI doesn’t work.

#to install/update nvidia drivers (brute force option)
#write down the tty terminal steps below with the appropriate driver number
sudo apt update
sudo apt purge *nvidia*
sudo apt autoremove
#at this point machine can only boot to a tty terminal (Ctrl-Alt-F2) as there are no drivers
#login with user name and password to enter the following line
sudo apt install nvidia-driver-535 nvidia-settings
#after reboot it may still require booting to recovery mode
#use the dpkg tool to clean up and finish the install

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Thank you skyfishgoo. I will give that a shot.

Well, it seems Neon does not want to revert back to 515, and overrides my manual choice and simply reinstalled 525. I suspected that was the case when they forced the update to 525 in the first place. New Kernel, new plasma… newer video driver needed I guess. I then purged 525 again and installed the latest 535… which did not fix the broken GPU monitoring widget, but it did not seem break anything either… though I have to test everything before that is guaranteed.

which version does ubuntu-drivers devices recommend?

or does the even work on neon?

It does, and it is actually saying it recommends 535… I think at this point, the problems with the widget are something that I will have to wait for a fix to come down the pipe, if ever before Plasma 6.

there might be a way to use aptitude and regress the 535 driver to a prior version, but that’s above my skill set… and no idea if if all the other libraries would be backward compatible with it.

probably best to wait it out, or maybe file a bug report.