Safety for users, backup, filenames, expectations

When someone sits down to a computer they expect it to be nearly bullet proof.

For documents and desktop, I was thinking about a feature like Time Machine and File Versions. it would be neat to use a versioning system or filesystem to do this.
It would be neat to fit this into Dolphin.

For filenames, it would be great to help people select sensible filenames that don’t include the reserved characters for NTFS, and also warn people if they make filenames that would break on other systems.

I would like the system to warn about files that differ only by case, and that contain characters or sequences that could break old terminal programs and shell scripts.

I’ll look into using kbackup.

I’m also really interested in setting up a market to share panel configs, and a tool to help people select system defaults for kde application behaviors and config.

When I deploy a system at a business, I want things like detail views, and the taskbar to all be set up in the most discoverable and supportable way.

I set up a quicklaunch with the applications users use the most, and configure devices to show plugins and such all from the desktop.

Hi glowingwire

I have been trying to do bullet proof stuff just for myself for quite some time now. The better I like what I have done the more things I want. I cannot even imagine doing that for everybody.

Good luck to anyone trying to do that.


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