Samba and Kup, and SMB4k

I’m new to using KDE Plasma, haven’t used KDE since the late 90’s.

I’m working on a Thinkpad with Tuxedo OS, and am using Kup for backing up my user files.

I’ve set up one backup to a second internal drive in my computer, no problems there.

I wanted to set up a second backup to a shared folder on the NAS, and the folder is shared as a SMB share.

I can see the share in Dolphin (after typing in the URL of the server in the Network area).
I can make a “places” link to it, and connect using Dolphin, copy and paste files back and forth.

I can’t get Kup to connect to the samba share. For a sanity check, I also tried using Pika backup, same issue.

I can use Kup to backup to the nas using an NFS share.

My desktop computer running Zorin OS (Gnome DE) has no problem using Pika, Deja Dupe, etc to back up to the NAS. Same with a computer running Mint/Cinnamon.

Digging in, it seems the problem is with KDE, and the workaround was to use a program called SMB4K, which I installed.

Unfortunately, the SMB4k program can’t find the NAS in the network neighborhood, nor can I use the mount dialogue to make it accessible.

While this is not a major problem, I’m trying to understand why this issue is occurring, and whether I should file a bug report, or if its a known issue.