"Save as type..." options when using Kate text-editor on Windows

I use Kate on Windows 11. When saving a file there’s a drop-down menu under the "File name: " field called “Save as type:”. However, the only available option in that drop-down menu is “All Files (*)”. Is this a bug or anything to be concerned about regarding saving files? I have no trouble manually entering File-Extensions with the file’s title; I just would like to know whether that drop-down menu only having one option is intentional or whether it is a bug—as if it’s the latter then I don’t want to use the text-editor as I don’t want any bugs kicking-around the processes that are supposed to be saving my data.

do you mean this?


that’s a filter, not a type selector

you will find it in every file dialog window, but it’s more useful in the file open dialog where you can filter the contents of the dialog box.

@skyfishgoo Here’s a picture that hopefully shows clearly the drop-down menu I’m referring to…

that’s the filter text box… don’t know why it’s labeled Save as Type in your version… probably a windows thing.

Oh, I see. So any thoughts as to the original question at all?

i wouldn’t consider a mislabeled text box to be a deal breaker in terms of whether you can rely on kate to save your text files or not, if that’s your question.

seems very reliable and easy to use for me.

I think the question is why the dropdown has only 1 option (all files).

Gedit for example has 2 options: All files and All text files.

as i said, it’s a text box for a filter.

you can enter filter text into it and i presume it will store those filters for you so you can access them later using the pulldown (i don’t really use this feature).

it’s not a file type selector despite what your version says next to the box.

“all files” just means that it’s not filtering anything from your view.

it could just as easily be blank, but then ppl might not know what it does then either.

@skyfishgoo thanks for you help with this.

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