“save-as”-windows show no place “recent” (recent folders, recent documents...)

“save-as”-window show no place “recent” (folder) in libreoffice and other programs (firefox etc.) - that are obviously pulled in from dolphin - although “recent” is shown in the dolphin file manager. these windows only show in the left pane “places” (root, desktop, etc.) , “remote” and “devices” but not “recent”!!! how can i make this visible?

its really a pita finding and clicking through all folders and subfolders each time from the beginning!

What is your distro, are using plasma 5 or 6 ?

I think that those apps are not using the kde file dialog but the gtk one.
You probably need to install xdg-desktop-portal-kde for your distro.
This should fix it for firefox at least.

i am using plasma 5.2. in debian 11

it happens in all libreoffice apps (writer, calc, etc.) as well as in firefox and other non-kde apps. it only works in kde dolphin and other kde apps (kwrite)…

any ideas?

Can you make a screenshot of the file dialog?

yes sure, pls. see attached …

That’s reported as 406450 – "Remote" and "Recent" sections and "Trash" entry are missing in file open/save dialogs started by non-KDE Qt5/Qt6 apps

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Yes, that’s a similar the problem, although libreoffice-qt5 is installed and there are almost all places listed, just not “Recent” !?

In non-QT5 programs such as Firefox the file dialog looks totally different, with just “Home”, “Desktop”, “Downloads” showing in the left pane (and not as a Plasma style with “Places” etc.).

Brave (which has obvioulsy full QT5 integration) shows all Places as in Plasma programs (Kwrite)…

It looks like there is something (package?) missing in LibreOffice?

Are there any workarounds for Firefox?

In Firefox’ about:config I set widget.use-xdg-desktop-portal.file-picker to 1. That gets me the kde file picker.

You sure you enabled to show all entries in the file picker’s left panel?

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dzon! you are a genius! :slight_smile: this solved it for firefox!!!

do you have a similar solution for libreoffice?

I’m afraid not. Bug’s been around for…

Our “recent locations” in that dialog is not very useful, anyway. It shows only the directory name, where the full path is actually of interest.

b.t.w. this works also for thunderbird (in config editor)!!!
package xdg-desktop-portal-gtk should be installed before …

If you click/double on the name of the directory, you will open the target directory. That’s its main use-case.

We would need to make the fullpath visible still to disambiguate when directories have the same name. In tooltips or in a column for instance.