"save clip part to bin" extra frame problem

when i use “save clip part to bin” , the clip in the bin always have 1 extra frame.
how can i fix it?

Version 23.08.4
Windows 10

Welcome to the community, @hlhp_gingompereto!

IIRC, there was a change not too long ago in the way frames are counted and/or grabbed when setting In and Out Points. If you know that with your understanding for setting these points and defining and grabbing clip parts always end up with one extra frame, simply set the Out point one frame before.

Unless I’m missing something, that doesn’t quite work in this case, because “save clip part to bin” operates on an already cut portion of a clip in the timeline, it doesn’t care where the zone in and out points are set …

So the workaround is “cut your clip one frame too short, add it to the bin, then either delete the original and pull the new subclip from the bin, or just stretch its ending one extra frame again”.

This one seems like a real bug - but you are quite likely right that it’s in the space where some operations consider the cursor, mark or end point to be the end of the last frame, and some consider it the start of the last frame.

edit: “Insert zone in project bin” seems to work as expected though … setting the out point to the current cursor creates a zone ‘one frame time longer’ in duration than the cursor position (which is expected if the zone includes the frame that the cursor is at the start of) - and it correctly imports exactly that to the bin. So probably the bug is something like: “save clip part” is using the timeline duration as the out point for the same processing logic, when the out point should be the start of the last frame not its end - duration and (relative) end differ by one frame.

Thank you, berndmj and Ron.

I tried a few previous versions, and since this function exists, it behaves like this. As Ron mentioned, it is already cut, and it should have the same length when saving.

If I want to report a bug, should I post it in this forum or somewhere else?

Please log a bug in bugs.kde.org

thank you.

Just finished logging the bug here.

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