Saving a transformed clip doesn't save!

When I save a transformed clip the clip is saved to my project bin without the transformation. Is there anyway to save such a clip along with the transformation? Specifically, I clip a piece of video and zoomed in to a particular spot. It works fine on the track but the save clip doesn’t zoom in. Help!

Maybe I am getting the picture wrong here, but I think you need to render the transformed clip and then add it to your projectbin.

Clips in your projectbin are the “originals”.
Kind of logical because you may want to use the “original” again for another purpose.

Of course, I may be wrong here and there might be a way to get the transformed clip in the projectbin without rendering first.
Then, someone else may chime in.

Can you render a single clip without rendering the entire project?

I rendered like you suggested and could then save it in the Project bin. I worked up to a point…any further changes to the clip in the project did not save properly. The old saved clip was still in the project bin without updates.

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Glad I could be of some help. And yes, the first time you rendered the single clip, the rendered clip became the “new original clip”.
Meaning that every time you change it, you have to render it again as well.

As a final tip: to avoid losing quality, you might want to use one of the “lossless codecs”. Personally I use FFV1. Because it’s mostly temporarily.
So storage room won’t be such an issue.

I guess you already found the selection tool on the timeline to render a single clip. Zooming the timeline makes it easier. Depending on the lenght of the clip.

I hope this can help a little more.

You can save a clip with all its effects as a Library clip. Select the clip in the timeline, open the Library tab and click on the Add Timeline Selection to Library

Mostly there! I didn’t find a way to render a single clip only the project as a whole. Good idea about lossless codecs.

Either you define a timeline zone for that clip and render just that zone, or you disable all tracks except the one with the clip (should be the only clip on that track), or you put the clip into its own sequence and render just that sequence.