Saving the wifi password in Plasma 6?

I have Plasma 6 self compiled with kdesrc-build here.

Did anyone manage to find a way for wifi passwords to be saved in a Plasma 6 session? I have plasma-nm, kwallet, kwallet-pam, kwallet-manager, polkit-qt-1 and polkit-kde-agent-1 compiled and installed, but every time I log in or reconnect to my wifi I have to type my password. Maybe I’m missing a package or something.

Hmm, it’s working for me in my kdesrc-build-compiled Plasma 6 Wayland session. I don’t recall doing anything special to make it work; it just worked like it always did. Might be worth digging through some logs.

Hmm, with some journalctl --follow I see:

kded6[817]: Couldn't start kwalletd:  QDBusError("org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown", "The name org.kde.kwalletd6 was not provided by any .service files"
kded6[817]: org.kde.plasma.nm.kded: Error opening kwallet.

Indeed qdbus6 org.kde.kwalletd6 reports that the service does not exist.

Yep, that’ll be your problem. It exists for me FWIW:

qdbus-qt6 org.kde.kwalletd6

I bet @nicolasfella could tell you in about 5 seconds what the problem is. :slight_smile:

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FWIW I did a --refresh-build --use-clean-install and checked the install logs for KWallet, apparently the kwalletd6 DBus service wasn’t installed before.

Now I get a different issue:

NetworkManager[421]: <warn> [1696103893.5565] device (wlan0): no secrets: No agents were available for this request.

And now the prompt asking for a password doesn’t appear, I have to use nmcli or nmtui to connect.

After I recompiled and reinstalled kded, now the password prompt appears again and my passwords are being saved!

The hint that lead me to the solution here is that I logged into the Plasma 5 session to check if it’s working fine and the prompt mentions that it’s managed by the KDE Daemon in its title, so kded. In Plasma 6, this doesn’t show up in the title.

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I have a similar problem with Neon KDE 6.0 RC1. I can’t get kwallet to start during boot. Is kwallet-pam still required ? It doesn’t seem available yet in the repos for RC1.

EDIT: It looks like libpam-kwallet6 is installed. So, any help getting kwallet to start during boot in 6.0 RC1?