Schedule transaction for investments and auto assignment of transactions via memo or tags

I have a account with depot by an investment bank. In KMyMoney account and depot will be synchonized via HBCI. I setup an investment in MKyMoney and update the prices works. This investment is a monthly transaction (investment plan).

How I can automatically assign the transaction of account to the transaction of the investment? I can’t select the investment depot or investment byself in the ledger view. At the moment I see a investment transaction and the account transaction of bank and must assign it every month manually.

It is possible to auto assign transaction payess with other criteria as payees name? It is possible on base of memos or tags? e.g. if Ref-ID = 234D in memo, then assign transaction to from/to PAYEE01.

English is not my base language. I hope to describe the problem understandable. :wink: