Screen flicker/artifacts on Plasma Wayland

After recent upgrade my screen started flickering occasionally. I am not sure what exactly changed, but I definitely upgraded a kernel and most likely Plasma too. First I noticed the issue on Fedora 38, so I upgraded to Fedora 39 in hope it will disappear but it stayed. So now I am running Fedora 39 with kernel 6.6.3 and Plasma 5.27.9.

As for the issue, the internal screen flickers every minute or so. It seems that some artifacts are displayed for a frame or two. See the enclosed screenshot and video (made from a phone, since when recording screen it doesn’t appear). When I have an external display connected the internal screen still flickers but the external does not.

My hardware: Dell XPS 13 9360
CPU: Intel i7-7500U with Intel® HD Graphics 620
Internal screen is 3K 60Hz
External screen is HPU28K 4K 60Hz

I’ve had a fair share of similar issues on X11 but never seen this on Wayland.
Any ideas what could be wrong or how can I debug such issue?

Video: plasma_flicker.mkv - Google Drive

Any ideas what could be wrong or how can I debug such issue?

This is almost certainly a driver bug. You can check dmesg for any obvious errors, but I recommend you to just make a bug report about this at Issues · drm / intel · GitLab

Thanks. Created Periodic screen flashes with i7-7500U on kernel 6.6 (#9818) · Issues · drm / intel · GitLab if anybody else is interested.