Screen RGB Balance setting for Plasma

Whenever I get a new desktop monitor, the very first thing I do is adjust its RGB balance to fix the white balance and tint. In laptop screens however you don’t have built-in screen options, so you adjust your screen from your OS.

In Plasma’s screen settings you can adjust gamma, but gamma algorithms don’t affect highlights and whites nearly as much as midtones and shadows, so you can’t adjust your white balance and screen tint like that.

It would be really cool if there was a setting to instead adjust the RGB balance and every pixel is affected equally regardless of brightness. I would love such feature because the only way I found out how to adjust RGB balance on Linux is through xcalib, which isn’t ideal and doesn’t work on Wayland.

Is this being worked on/planned? I understand if it would take a long time to implement on Wayland due to its lack of color management right now.

It seems to be a top priority for the Wayland team right now.