Scrollbar snapback should be at least an option

You know, the Windows feature where a scrollbar snaps back to the original position if you leave a rectangle around it. Google suggests it was a feature at some point, but not anymore, or at least I can’t find it.
If it had a snapback area of infinite size by default, that would be the current functionality, but it’s a very important part of my workflow that is missing with KDE (and every other DE that I know of, except Windows’).

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Pretty sure this would need to be implemented in Qt, at least for QtWidgets apps. We might be able to add it to our QtQuick apps ourselves in our desktop style.

So interesting that you bring that up, and glad that you did for folks who want that behavior - but it’s funny because now that you mention it, I realize that dragging scrollbars doesn’t drive me nuts anymore like it used to, or like it does on my company-provided laptop with Windows 11!

For me, if I’m scrolling by dragging the bar, then my focus is very heavily on the content being scrolled, so I’m not paying close attention to the exact location of the cursor on the dimension that’s perpendicular to the scrollbar direction. I never thought that there might be folks who actually want that behavior!

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Yes, that is the usual response. I’m very aware that I’m in a minority, but it’s an existing and sizeable minority.