SDDM & fprintd not Working on Login. (NixOS)

Hello, I am relatively new at Linux and started using nixOS on a new laptop. My laptop has a fingerprint sensor that works absolutely fine with plasma but not at all with sddm unless I login first at which point it starts a fingerprint timeout and it will login if I use it or after the timeout has ended. I’ve been trying to get it to auto login with my fingerprint without the need for a password.

the reason I specify nixos is because I’ve looked online for a while and have found possible solutions related to systemd but nixos makes most root files read only so that option is out the window. I would give a link if I could remember where I found it but that was a few weeks ago…

I assume all that’s needed to duplicate the issue is use a fresh install of Nixos (KDE Plasma obviously) and enable fprintd in the config. but I am on the unstable channel and you might have to upgrade to plamsa6. And apparently I can’t include links in this post so… search “nixos plasma6 upgrade” and it should be the first link to NixOS Discourse

Any help would be appreciated, and I’m sorry I don’t have more detail as to what I’ve tried. Last time I tried to fix this was two weeks ago.

Fingerprint reader support hasn’t been officially added to SDDM yet. Yo can subscribe to Support fingerprint reader login · Issue #284 · sddm/sddm · GitHub to get notified when it’s integrated.

yes, but I know that some have been able to do it them selves. for example, the systemd solution I mentioned. the only problem is I don’t know how to manipulate systemd services in NixOS.