SDDM lockscreen double input (two steps in one)

hey guys, linux noob here, i have been using bazzite-kde on my laptop for a while, and the only thing that bothers me is the lock screen after waking up from sleep, i would like it to act more like the windows counterpart, where there are two steps to unlock, the first being pressing a button to show up the text box, the second step is inserting the password, on kde these steps are in one, the first button press is also the first input, so for example if i press the space bar, its not only gonna show the text box but also in that text box its gonna insert the space as the first input to insert the password, is there a way to separate the actions? making the first button press just to let the text box show up, then afterwards i can insert the password?

It works as you want it to when using a non-alphanumeric key such as enter, alt, ctrl, meta, etc.

Also, note that Plasma’s lock screen is not the same thing as SDDM (one of a number of Linux login managers); each one is configured separately.

could i possibly add the space bar to those keys?

I have no idea.
It doesn’t seem like a configurable item, but something that would need to be changed at the code level.