SDDM login screen font size

Hi there!
I am the happy owner of a Tuxedo laptop with Plasma/KDE installed. Everything looks great, except for the login screen. The fonts and the password field are far too big. After login everything looks fine. Also, the locked screen is fine regarding scaling of fonts and input fields.

How do I change fonts / passw field / restart button on the initial login screen? Is it a matter of finding a different SDDM theme, with higher resolution?

I already changed the /etc/sddm.conf.d/kde_settings.conf file to hold the following in the X11 Section:

EnableHiDPI = true
ServerArguments=-dpi 192

I Hope someone can show me a direction on where to continue searching.


you can install a different SDDM theme

i chose monochrome for exactly the reason you stated, i just wish i could also modify the lock screen login as well…as i find it’s also too big and looks foolish.

Thanks for your response.

I installed monochrome-kde and it did change the login screen a bit. But still, I am not too happy with the size of everything.
I will go back to my comfort situation, Gnome :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again!

This should make it match the settings for the rest of the system.

Also, you don’t have to use SDDM. The greeter from Gnome will work for you too.

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