Sddm login theme help?

Good day KDE community. I am one of 3 sys admins at my company. We have 2 Ubuntu servers running KDE Plasma. We’re running with the GUI because the other two don’t know Linux well enough to get by on terminal.

With our current setup, we are using the Maldives SDDM theme due to it requiring entering the username and password. New boss wants us to secure all servers using Google Authenticator. No problem. However, it appears that this theme is not compatible, as it never prompts for the OTP. Just says Login failed. I know it’s the theme because if I escape to terminal, sign on works fine, promoting for the OTP and everything. Problem is the other sys admins. They and the new boss don’t want to have to do extra work to sign on.

Any suggestions for SDDM themes that are compatible with MFA that also requires username entry?

What about any of the other stock SDDM themes, like breeze?

IMHO, if this is in their definition of “extra work”, then they picked the wrong profession.

The problem is that breeze lists the local user accounts. For security and accountability purposes, we want to have users sign in with their Active Directory credentials, which requires us to use a theme that requires username input

Does this help:

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While I think that would have helped, I got some help from Google technical support. Apparently the libpam-google-authenticator does not like SDDM. I removed that and installed slim. No problems since.

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Wow - didn’t realize that slim had been resurrected!

Apologies. Meant lightdm. Always got those mixed up in my early days of IT. Seems that is still the case lol