SDDM Wayland - keyboard

Hi, I upgraded my system to Plasma 6.0 Beta 1 yesterday and I have issues with SSDM. Keyboard input doesn’t work on SDDM. I can’t type my password to login. I can click on stuff with my mouse but keyboard just doesn’t work. I had to start my session manually from tty and lately I switched SDDM back to X11. Do you also have this issue?



CompositorCommand=kwin_wayland --drm --no-lockscreen --no-global-shortcuts

Yes, same issue on Arch kde-unstable here. But I haven’t investigated yet. At the moment I use autologin instead.

I believe you need to set the option for a virtual keyboard in your config, appended to the line in the [Wayland] section of your file. You do need to have the keyboard installed, it might not be on your distro automatically.

CompositorCommand=kwin_wayland --drm --no-lockscreen --no-global-shortcuts --locale1 --inputmethod maliit-keyboard

I used this on my previous touchscreen laptop on the current Plasma 5 and SDDM, and in brief testing it did work. Not sure if there is a different name for qtvirtualkeyboard in Qt6/Plasma 6 compared or anything, if you wanted to try that instead of Maliit.


May not be valid for Plasma 6

This is a known Plasma 6 regression that’s already been fixed. See 477251 – Unable to enter password in sddm wayland.


Is the previous custom SDDM configuration needed for this now? I will be setting this up on a different system soon, I may jump right in to Plasma 6 on this one.