Search in menu button

I do not known technical details, why window decoration menu button do not support search.
If the reason is, menu invoked from it, could contains only buttons, then add popup search window button. It could be integrated with interface to search app options provided by ctrl+i (perhaps).

you can just click anywhere on the desktop and start typing your search query

krunner will pop up and start showing you results.


I think we do not understood ourselves. I wrote about search in window’s menu, like Files > Open, Files > New, Help > About …, etc.

I test what you propose:

  1. Open new dolphin window
  2. Click on empty space in desktop
  3. Type new, but not new text file (or other option) appears

what are you searching for?

krunner will present search matches for a host of different categories which you can add/alter under the plasma search settings.

i can create a folder in dolphin called “new” and then type “new” on the desktop and krunner will present me with the dolphin window called “new” as one of the search results listed under the category Windows.

if you don’t get the same behavior, check your settings under Plasma Search and make sure “windows” is checked.

I cannot found search in app menu as KRunner/Search plugin, sorry.

krunner is not searching “in” the app, it’s searching thru the open windows (Windows plugin) on the desktop for one with the word “new” in the title bar.

Hi! If I understand you correctly, you are looking for a way to search through the actions an application (like Dolphin) offers.

We do have such an action. It’s called “Find Action…” and is available from the “Help” menu. You can also activate it by its default shortcut Ctrl+Alt+I.

I cannot found search in app menu as KRunner/Search plugin, sorry.

This is not available as a KRunner/Seach plugin currently but something implemented only within applications.

I hope this helps!

I know, but it is not supported for each app. But there is menu button on titlebar supported for nearly each app, but (for example) not in Firefox.

My idea is exactly to add button search in menu by KWin for each application.

The “button” you press is on your keyboard, you do not need to “click the desktop”, the default button combination is (IIRC) alt+space (can be used in any application) and the search opens and you type what you want to find anywhere on your system.

What is shown in that search (open tabs in firefox, brows history, file history etc etc etc) is configured in KDE settings. (settings > search > plasma search)

But can I search in menu of focused window? We talk about two different thing. You talk about KRunner and I talk about button, which you can place on window border. Just check in system settings → window border (I do not remember, where to search this option). You must also select other option to move window menu onto button in titlebar, but I do not remember, which.

Yes, I try to offer a solution/alternative because:

I don’t understand what you mean by that.

i think OP is looking for a Ctrl-Alt-I function for every application with a GUI button to interact with

near as i can tell.

i don’t think such a thing would be worth the effort to create.

Wait, I did not even know about that thing.

Got me curious, I can not even add that as a button to the menu INSIDE f.ex dolphin, so OP does have a point.

I guess OP have to hardocode the button combination ctrl+alt+i into his brain for this. :wink:

Something similar, but KWin support attach menu to window titlebar via button. Click button to open/display menu. Another possibility is to attach menu to plasmoid. I wrote this topic, cause there is difference between both solution. Prior do not allow to search in menu. Menu attached to plasmoid has search field. I asks to add search field to menu showing from titlebar., Of course, use function accessible via CTRL+ALT+I could be good.