Seeking Solution for Clipboard Issues with Plasma Workspace X11 and Citrix

Hello KDE Community,

I’m currently using Plasma Workspace X11 in conjunction with Citrix and facing challenges with clipboard functionality between various Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDIs). My observations lead me to believe that the issues stem from an interaction problem between the X-clipboard and KDE’s Clipboard System Service (Klipper).

Specifically, when Klipper is active, I frequently encounter issues while trying to copy text and images from the Plasma workspace to another VDI. However, if I disable the Clipboard System Service in the “System Tray Settings” and then reboot, the copy-paste functionality operates flawlessly. This leads me to suspect that the way Citrix handles the clipboard might be conflicting with the simultaneous operation of X-Clipboard and Klipper.

I am looking for a solution to simplify the process for new users. Is there a method to disable the Clipboard/Klipper service by default for new users, without requiring them to manually navigate through the System Tray Settings? While I have successfully set other default settings using /etc/skel, I haven’t been able to locate a similar option for the Clipboard System Service in these settings.

Alternatively, is there a way to script this change for a user, possibly using kwriteconfig5 or a similar tool?

Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance.