Selected images to single sheet pdf

I used to have a script using a bunch of soffice commands with which I could select images and print them to a given directory in a single pdf. The script got lost and, for now, I’m using pdf arranger to do that. Thing is, pdfarranger has no command line options which is a bit annoying cause I’d like to make a servicemenu for that. A simple select and export-to-pdf thingie. I tried a couple of those soffice lines but… As far as I know there are no standard tools that can combine, export to pdf AND have a commandline option. Already tied some options but they all print separately.Maybe someone has an idea.
This is what I want ( I can extract the images from the pdf afterwards)

So each image would be a page in the PDF?

I’ve looked again, and if you just want a bunch of images as pages in a PDF, ImageMagik’s convert does that:

convert file1.jpg file2.png file3.tiff output.pdf

There are options for output quality and such, you may want to add -quality 100.

Also make sure to review this Stack Overflow question: linux - ImageMagick security policy 'PDF' blocking conversion - Stack Overflow

Dunno if you ever used something like pdf arranger, but yes. You can import a bunch of whatever and export it as a single pdf. Just read your imagemagick one. Doesn’t work. It’ll print separate pdf’s. No, so far I checked a bunch and, as far as I remember, that soffice script seemed to do the trick. Here’s a screenie of pdf arranger. It’s dutch, but you get the idea. Export selected to some file, a single file.
Yes, I know about the poicy thing for pdf’s. I need to adjust it for the Reimage service menu which contains a pdf converter.

I’m not sure why you’d say that - it works for me:

Yes. Got it solved. Somehow it threw an error when I added the destination directory.
Service works as: convert %F singleone.pdf && mv singleone.pdf /whatever/directory
edit: even better for my needs
convert %F this.pdf && kdemv5 this.pdf $(kdialog --getsavefilename).pdf