Selective color correction

Is it possible to select a color in the video in Kdenlive and then change it in hue or saturation?
I have a dark, blue-green piece of clothing that I would like to have gray. Currently I do this with “CMYK adjust” by reducing Cyans to -1,000. By chance this works quite well.
Do you know a better method?

Try with the masking effect: Effects — Kdenlive Manual 23.04 documentation

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Hallo @Eugen_Mohr
With this method you can change the selected very nicely. But the problem is the selection.
With complicated shapes and especially when they move, it is practically impossible to get good results.

Can’t you select the desired shade with an eyedropper and then change it in value? Like in “Key Spill Mou Up?” Only I don’t understand this filter at all. Is it even suitable for this?

Another effect to look into may be “Color Hold”. Not sure how it would fit into your overall workflow and Effect Stack, but it isolates colours.

Here are some more threads on colour isolation:

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Hello @candidexmedia,
your reference to “Key Spill Mop Up” is very interesting. If I apply the recommended settings in the link from you, I come much closer to my goal.
Thank you.

I personally use mask by stacking 3 effects:
-color zone selection
-color balance

it does the job when you have just one color to adjust. if you want to do several this is more complicated…


Hello @Nemesis,
Good tip. New for me is: Mask Apply - so the mask finally does what it should.

this is the trick, took me some time to figure it out

This is amazing! Thank you for the tip @Nemesis. How did you figure this out?

It’s in the description as step 3: Effects — Kdenlive Manual 23.04 documentation


FYI: you find this as a pre-setup in the custom effect as template (effect tab → star with a pencil): Secondary color correction


Kdenlive offers several ways to select a color and desaturate it.
Interesting is also “Key Spill Mop Up” - with this I get to the target with a single filter, although not quite as effective as with Secondary Colour Correction + Saturation + Mask apply.

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