Send "screens" data in User Feedback log does not reflect the actual data (using Wayland)

I have set user feedback to max and just looked in the latest log. There it says

"screens": {
    "data": [
            "devicePixelRatio": 2,
            "dpi": 80,
            "height": 1067,
            "width": 1896
            "devicePixelRatio": 1,
            "dpi": 94,
            "height": 1080,
            "width": 1920
            "devicePixelRatio": 1,
            "dpi": 89,
            "height": 1050,
            "width": 1680

I have 3 displays. The bottom 2 values are correct, but the first should be 2560x1440. I’m wondering where it gets the first weird value from. Is that a bug and should be reported or do i misunderstand something?

Output from e.g. kscreen-console correctly detects the displays and shows “Size: QSize(2560, 1440)”