Sequence and rendering

Héllo everybody, sorry for the turns of incorrect sentences but I use a translator not speaking English.
This is my interrogation:
I have a project named Iceland 2023. It is divided into 15 sequences perfectly visible in the Timeline.
When I want to give a rendering, only the active sequence is used the other sequences are nonexistent in the final file.
Is it normal? Or is there something I didn’t understand.

Could you provide screenshots of your timeline and render settings?

Hello and thank you for the answer
Attached the 2 screenshots requested

IIRC, you need to put each sequence you want to be part of the render into the active sequence. You simply drag and drop the sequence(s) from the project bin into the active sequence’s timeline.

Thank you but I admit that I did not understand, the translator talks to me about “trash can”, in french “de la poubelle du projet”)? !!!
Otherwise I tried to create the sequence in the “Sequence” folder created during the launch of Kdenlive.
When I return, it would seem that the duration of the rendering is equal to the timeline of the sequence in progress (i.e. 16:57 instead of 16:57 + 04:55).
I’m completely lost

Perhaps reading the Kdenlive Manual would help? There is a section about Sequences.

The “trash can” is most likely the “project bin” where you keep and organize all your source clips and files you need for the project.

Thanks berndmj

I had read the doc but I had not understood everything, the translators are not very reliable …
In this doc, it is mentioned that by copying clips, it is possible to create a sequence via a right click. And indeed this is the case.
In my head, it was enough to create sequences via the Time Line toolbar and put my clips in it. But here it is, it is not possible to make a rendering of all the sequences. It is necessary to “recreate” a sequence by selecting the clips and with the right click mouse by taking the item “Create a sequnece from the selection”. It makes a double of the current sequence but without the detail …
I will continue my deepening of the doc, not easy because it is not in my language but by testing I should get there.

Drag and drop all the sequences you want rendered into one sequence (you may want to call it MAIN).

A sequence is simply another timeline independent from other timelines. You can work on complex edits and effects in sequences, and then put them into another (master or main) sequence. That way your master/main sequence is cleaner and less cluttered and you can structure your project (for example, you have one sequence for the intro, one sequence for the first scene or chapter, other sequences for other scenes or chapter, one for the outro; in the master or main sequence you then put all the other sequences in order - et voila).

You seem to speak English so why not run Kdenlive set to English?

Maybe that is the reason?

I have always been zero in learning a language.
Thank you for the explanations concerning the sequences. I do tests to better affect this concept.
In fact, I had to hope to have a possibility of sliding the “sequences” containing photo clips and videos in another sequence that I will call “main”, put the soundtrack and make a rendering.