Serious Upgrade Question

Serious question about the Version 5 to 6 migration.

I am currently running Neon 5.27 (or whatever it is at this second, I am usually up to date) and in the last couple of days my laptop hard drive is starting to throw errors, so I have ordered a new (used) replacement.

But here is my question. When I get the new machine, am I better off installing the current stable Neon or just going ahead and installing the Version 6 Beta? My machine is for personal use, with no critical production needs.

What I am really wondering is whether going from 5 to 6 is going to be an upgrade through Discover or will it be a complete reinstall? In the same way, if I start using V6 now, when the stable version comes out in February will it just upgrade through Discover or will I have to completely reinstall?

Any advice appreciated!

Mostly speculation, but unless they wait for some reason to move to Plasma 6 after they rebase on the next LTS release (sometime after April) , Plasma 6 will come as any other Plasma update.

In any case, it will be highly unlikely to require a clean install.

But as to moving to neon Unstable to get the early Betas, that will be tricky, since this uses completely different repos than User, and is always built from git pulls. It will be awkward or difficult to migrate back to the User track due to the differences in packaging and versioning So, moving there now probably requires a reinstall down the road. It won’t be as simple as editing the repo information, going backwards, as it is to ‘upgrade’ to the Unstable version.

I hope that what they do before official release is to have a Plasma 6 repo or metapackage for us intrepid testers that doesn’t involve switching to the Unstable or even Testing variant. or good instruction on how to test on User

At this point, since you have to use Unstable, plan on the strong possibility on needing a reinstall to get back to User.

Unless one is using btrfs and has snapshots to roll back to. Which is probably what I will do in the near future when I start testing on my main PC, and not on a secondary one.

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Thanks for the response. Sounds like I should install the stable version now on my newly arrived laptop and wait until the upgrade is stable as well.