Set Audio Reference / Align Audio to Reference - Multithreading

The Set Audio Reference and Align Audio to Reference functions are very useful in helping align our camera A/V tracks with our main audio track.

I did notice, though, that these functions seem to be single-threaded and, though it is far, far down in overall importance, would suggest making them multithreaded.

The functions use the KISS FFT library (see sourceforge) and I did not find a multithreaded version of that, though FFTW (easily found) does have that capability. It would probably be a large task to switch!

Just a ‘brainstorm’!

Hi, and welcome to the forum and community.

Thanks for pointing this out. Unfortunately, the dev team does not necessarily hang out here, and use for bug tracking and feature requests. I hope that @Eugen_Mohr reads this, but to be on the safe side I suggest you create a FR.

Thanks for the tip! I did look at bugs kde org, but read there something to the effect “if you’re not sure this is a bug, go to the discuss site”, so here I landed!

I can certainly post the same thing on the bugs site, but was also interested in learning if there was much user interest in this topic.

Anyway, thanks again, and I’ll ponder making the other post!

I think that everything that makes Kdenlive better or increases the speed of tasks is interesting for the user community. In particular when it comes from people with knowledge and experience like you seem to have.

The statement on the bugs tracker is indeed misleading or at least phrased unfavorably, and the whole site does not really lend itself to new users or asking for new features. After all, it’s a bug tracker. I know that there is/was some discussion about using a different tool but all of KDE is using it so we are stuck with it for now.