Set up a Printer - Question

Since the button in the “Set up a Printer” dialog is grayed out… is this trying to say that there are no drivers available to work with my printer?

The printer instance you selected is using the “driver-less” IPP protocol that most recent devices support today, so yes, there are no drivers to select here.

Now, if you select the other instance of the printer, it might have already selected a CUPS driver, or there isn’t one present, so you can install and use a Brother driver if you want. It might have more options, it might not.

My dirt-cheap Canon works this way, as did my previous printer. In my case, the manufacturer’s drivers added nothing over the “driverless” option, other than a slight difference in the layout of the settings page.

Actually, looking at the new Plasma interface, I see this after deleting my printer, and adding a "new " one:

I had at some point installed the Canon driver just to see if it was useful, but never removed it.

I’d suggest trying it out as-is, look at the settings and options. They may be what you need.

Ok, nevermind. The KDE UX for Setting up a Printer seems fine. There’s something very oddly intermittent affecting my ability to print. The “driverless” option has changed, allowing me to select a setting-- but I’ve seen this intermittency before when using Plasma 5.x. I’ll have printing capabilities for maybe a couple of minutes, but then the connection will go unresponsive again. This seems more like an issue with CUPS or Network manager or similar (?). Thanks anyway!