Set up payments received on 3rd day of month

Hi there,

I am a total noob to kmymoney. I am setting up a scheduled transaction for an allowance that is paid into my account on the third of every month, but I don’t see how I enter this in the scheduled transaction, having only: Once, Day, Week, Half Month, Month and Year to choose from.

Is there a way to have a payment schedules for the 3rd (or whatever) of every month?


When you create a scheduled transaction, and in your instance, Monthly, you select Frequency of 1 Month. Enter the necessary information. The date you select for Next due date is the date for the ‘next’ scheduled action. That date of the month will increment to the next month when the transaction is entered.

Ah! Of course, now I understand.

Thank you @Snowhog :slight_smile:

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