Shortcut for Dolphin Location Bar "Bread Crumbs" popup?

Hi all,

I just discovered (with the help of a kind stranger online) a useful popup in the “bread crumbs” view of the location bar: If you click on the first “>” in the location bar, it displays a pop-up showing the entire path to the current home directory, like:


This is super useful when dealing with very complex directory structures.

Is there any way to tie this action to a shortcut so that I can trigger it without needing to click on the relatively small arrow “>”?


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You might want to use the folder panel, if you want to have regular access to the file tree hierarchy.

Not a bad idea. I have tried that, but with the rather unwieldy directory structure of our work files, the folder panel would require a significant amount of screen real estate to display anything useful.

The best options I have right now are either to hit F4 and run pwd, or mouse over to the small “>” to get the breadcrumbs popup.

It’s such an incredibly useful feature, I was just hoping there was some way to trigger it from the keyboard.

Thanks for the suggestion, though!

P.S. Just FYI, the actual directory structure I’m looking at looks more like

    Cloud Drive
      Company Name
        Project Management
          Team Projects
             Poodles project
               Planning Docs
                   Brainstorming sessions

(And while I can restructure things to make the organization more logical, there really is a lot of STUFF there, and it’s already pretty well organized – just not necessarily SIMPLE. :wink:

I’ve even put in a line in my .bashrc that runs pwd if the shell’s parent process is dolphin, but it seems dolphin removes anything that gets printed upon login to give the user a clean terminal. :sweat_smile:

A shortcut for this, although very niche use-case might make sense.
We have Ctrl-L to focus the location bar, maybe a CRTL+SHIFT+L could open this.