Shortcut to activate window in a specific screen

I created a rule to activate Konsole with the F12 key (I don’t want to use Yakuake, but I want same behavior with Konsole). F12 launches Konsole in whichever screen I used it last (I have two monitors). Now I would like to have another shortcut to activate Konsole (like the previous rule) but additionally I would like Konsole to open in a specific screen, the 1. How can I achieve this result?

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I do this by adding a property to set the window’s initial position. If your monitors are side-by-side like mine, position (0,0) is the upper left corner of the left monitor.

Set the property of “screen” to 1. (you might need to change it to “force” or “apply initially”)

I also think this might differ if you are on wayland or x11.
(IIRC one of them is interpreted as one big screen (when using multiple monitors) and the other is not. Don’t remember witch is witch though. I’m a “weak” user with only one monitor so I can not test for you xD)

Thanks you for your advice @Section8 and @bedna I will try and I will let you know.

Furthermore, is there a way to use the same shortcut as toggle to send the window back?
First press = foreground window
Second press = the window returns to the background

In Systemsettings->keyboard->shortcuts, you can assign a kwin shortcut to do this, depending on your monitor arrangement.

I have Meta+L assigned to “Move window one screen to the left”, which toggles the active (topmost) window between two monitors.