Shouldn't the file property editor have an Apply button?

Because of

I’m trying to test lots of incremental changes to a .desktop file. However, the file edit dialog doesn’t seem to automatically save changes immediately, yet doesn’t offer an Apply button either.

For instance, if I change


without clicking OK at

It doesn’t seem like changes are immediately saved, because if I try running the application from Application Launcher, it doesn’t invoke a terminal.

Yet, I don’t see an Apply button. Am I being dumb, or is this an oversight? I don’t want to have to go through the Application Launcher plasmoid, then click edit on the relevant entry (.desktop file)'s context menu to test each change.

You can also manually edit the .desktop entry file using a text editor - the format is pretty simple, self explanatory, and lends itself well to text editing.

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Yeah, I was doing it via this GUI because on the (newly configured) laptop I was using, I hadn’t yet done

and Kate doesn’t support not adding the BOM to files that don’t already have a UTF-8 BOM present, so I thought this would be quicker than changing the preference there.