Shoutout to the work done on Plasma and in Fedora KDE over the past year

Not long after I started exploring different operating systems (because Windows 11 was so painfully slow on what I thought should still be a modern PC), I was attracted to the beautiful + professional interface of KDE Plasma - it just felt like a comfortable and pleasant place to spend time in while using my PC.

I was coming from Fedora Workstation, so I first tried to install the Fedora KDE Spin - which left me with an unbootable system. Kubuntu installed nicely, though, and I then shifted over to openSUSE Tumbleweed to get more up-to-date KDE software.

While the interface was wonderful, in practical usage, the number of papercuts seemed to keep building. I have Nvidia graphics cards in both of my regular devices (AMD/Nvidia hybrid laptop, Nvidia-only desktop/server), which no doubt led to some additional struggles, but the number of interface glitches, shell crashes and performance gaps seemed to add up to a frustrating experience overall. I’ve ended up using Ubuntu Desktop for the past 9 months or so, and it’s been solid overall.

While working on a relative’s PC, I ended up with an extra SSD leftover and, rather than returning it, installed it in my laptop so I could try out actual installed OSes on “bare metal” without any disruption to daily work. After seeing interviews with and posts by @ngraham and @ngompa, I thought I’d give Fedora 40 KDE Spin a try again…

It is legitimately amazing the amount of progress that the KDE community, and the Fedora KDE SIG, have made with almost entirely volunteered development time over the past year. Of all the papercuts that I recalled from using Plasma 5 on openSUSE before, I haven’t been able to reproduce any over the past couple days of using Fedora 40 KDE heavily. The routine actions that made plasmashell crash last year don’t seem to cause any trouble now, everything in the interface just feels “smoother” somehow, and graphical performance under KWin+Wayland matches exactly what I saw using Mutter+Wayland on GNOME. I know there will always be some bugs, but the impact of taking care of so many prior issues is hard to quantify but easy to “feel”.

I’m sure things will get even better graphics-wise with the coming improvements to the Nvidia drivers, but it feels like someone (i.e. the KDE + Fedora communities) took the beautiful environment I remembered, and removed a ton of obstacles to navigating through it.

tl;dr Thank you to all the folks who come together to make life that much easier/faster/better for strangers across the world!


Aww, this is so kind! Thanks for the shout-out. We really appreciate appreciation! :smile:


Oh wow, thanks for the praise! We try our best and I’m glad you’re enjoying your experience with KDE Plasma on Fedora Linux! :smile:

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