Show / Hide Side Panel on Click

Is there a way to have a plasma panel remain hidden until an icon on another plasma panel is clicked? I have tried the switch panel widget, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

In case you’re curious, my use-case is basically this:

  • A wide side-panel enables you to keep the system tray tidy, reserving the tray for important things like notifications and new emails, while keeping certain widgets quickly available even when they’re not used enough to warrant being permanently displayed.
  • Mouse activation of the side panel isn’t ideal when you regularly use full-screen creative applications with lots of controls and toolbars on the sides - the panel is often inadvertently activated when you’re working, getting in the way.
  • The side panel is ideal for the clipboard manager and media controls, and it would also be great for weather if the weather widget could display info on a wide panel like these other widgets do.

looks like that’s not possible

intelihide is coming to plasma 6 which may have the function you are looking for if there is also a hotkey that be set to unhide

It’s not possible right now. There’s an open feature request for it: 158556 – Allow showing and hiding a panel by pushing a button on a widget

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