Show in all activities shortcut

I know Activities is not the most popular KDE feature but it’s the lifeblood of my configuration.

Currently I have 6-8 Activities I use on a regular basis. Each activity has a Super+Key shortcut to switch to. Window rules for opening specific program on each Activity keeps everything organized into Alt+Tab groups.

On multi monitor setup I use the “Show in all activities” to have a browser session or Slack on one monitor permanently but it’s buried in the menus. Also moving a window from one activity to another means opening the menu twice since the context menu closes on click.

I’d like to do a…

Show in all: Super+W

Move activity: Super+W to “Show in all” → Super+Key to Activity → Super+W to uncheck “Show in all” which makes the window stay on only that activity.

Does anybody have a suggestion on how to add a custom shortcut for this? I don’t mind adding support for this shortcut myself if anybody can point me to the correct place in the code.