Show warning if source file missing

If rename of delete audio/video file used in project, and than render project, kdenlive silently render it without this source. It will be video w/o audio or video. Sounds reasonable to show warning if one of used in project files missing. Now kdenlive just mark such source by red border in project bin. Easy to miss.
Yesterday spend some time trying to help some guy who accidentally moved audio file used in project and got video with empty audio track

This is interesting. It’s quite different for me. When I reopen the project, Kdenlive shows an error message:

Click: Search recursively - and specify the folder where to search. This feature in Kdenlive is great and has never failed for me. Try it out and report back please.

Yup, when reopen. If not reopen and just render you won’t get warning. Check performed on opening project, but not before render

Your observation is very interesting. Just tried it out: Yep, Kdenlive renders without complaining, also you can play everything normally in the timeline, although, some files have been moved. And in rendered result, of course, these videos or audios are missing.
I can explain this only with the fact that the files are probably present in the working memory, therefore one notices the error only if it is too late.
I have never had problems with this, but it would be good if Kdenlive would give a clear warning.

Maybe you are seeing the proxied clips?

Makes sense, will check with devs what they think…

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Playback from proxy-clips or…
On Linux process can read from removed (i, i suspect, renamed) file if it still has file descriptor for it (and also kernel keep file on disk, so space still used :). So kdenlive, if keep descriptor instead reopening file each time, can read file even if it was «deleted». But renderer is, AFAIK, separate process that should open file again, but there is no such file. Problem is renderer silently ignore error

No, I (almost never) use proxy clips.
Still, if I rename clips on an open project with another software for fun, it doesn’t bother Kdenlive, at least for audio files. Of course, they are then missing during rendering, although Kdenlive doesn’t complain.

I do not complain about this behavior, it has never hindered me, but it is still better if it were corrected.

Second option (kdenlive still has descriptor) most likely. If you curious, you can check what descriptors kdenlive has before and after renaming by running ls -l /proc/_kdenlive_pid_/fd.
Anyway, this problem can be solved by one addition check

These are all actions that completely overwhelm me. Unfortunately, I don’t understand any of it.
But that doesn’t matter.
You can still work excellently with Kdenlive.

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Makes sense. I just implemented a warning in the render dialog to show missing clips: